legaleze - German - English Legal Translations

When commissioning a legal translation you must be able to rely unconditionally on competence, diligence and punctual delivery. legaleze offers exactly the qualifications and commitment you require!

I am an English native speaker and completed my training as a specialist legal translator and interpreter in Germany. Before turning freelance I spent 10 years working as a staff legal translator at a Top-10 German law firm based in Munich. I am therefore familiar with the terminology in a wide range of areas of the law, with details of procedural law and matters in an international context. Owing to the time I spent working for a specialist legal journal, the same applies to academic legal texts.

I established myself as a freelance legal translator and interpreter in Karlsruhe in 2008. Precision and comprehensible language characterize my translations. A detailed knowledge of the law and extensive experience allow me to translate highly specific matters into the terminology of a different legal system without any loss of meaning. As a publicly appointed, sworn translator for the English language, I am also authorized to issue certified translations.

My clients include law firms, federal courts, legal institutes and institutions, legal journals, business enterprises and private individuals. They entrust me with the translation of, among other things, contracts, court briefs, standard terms and conditions, expert opinions, court judgments, codes of conduct and data privacy policies. In contrast to anonymous agency transactions, my clients appreciate not only the quality of my translations, but also the possibility of direct communication, my understanding of the law and a personal relationship of trust. Since I apply the same high standards to the results of each translation assignment while accommodating individual requests insofar as possible, relationships with clients are often long-term.

I am certain I will be able to deliver the translation you require, to your full satisfaction. An enquiry can be made free of charge and is not binding, my prices are reasonable and transparent. You will of course receive a precise estimate of costs and of the relevant time-frame before I start translating. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


Catriona Thomas
Publicly appointed and sworn specialist legal translator and qualified interpreter for the English language